Sini Ko­leh­mai­nen wor­ked as a web de­sig­ner and a web­mas­ter in se­ve­ral TAMK R&D pro­ject web si­tes. All her as­sign­ments were de­li­ve­red as ful­ly func­tio­nal web si­tes and met the client requirements.

Sini Ko­leh­mai­nen wor­ked as a web de­sig­ner and a web­mas­ter for TAMK Floworks / Smart Cam­pus In­no­va­tion Lab. The work was done in a free­lance-sty­le. In prac­tice that meant she was res­pon­sible for her own tools and faci­li­ties, she wor­ked only when the­re were ac­ti­ve as­sign­ments, and she ma­na­ged her own sche­du­le. Du­ring the four months of her in­terns­hip, Sini was en­ga­ged in as­sign­ments around 150 ac­ti­ve wor­king hours, which equals ap­proxi­ma­te­ly one month had she been wor­king full time.

As­sign­ments came from se­ve­ral TAMK R&D pro­jects which com­mon­ly have a need for a web site con­tai­ning in­for­ma­tion about the pro­ject, inclu­ding ba­sic in­for­ma­tion like pro­ject mis­sion, fun­ding sources and con­tact in­for­ma­tion, but of­ten also a pro­ject blogs or ot­her news/events con­tent. Sini was res­pon­sible for the as­sign­ment as a who­le. She would com­mu­nica­te di­rect­ly with the client, sur­vey the client requi­re­ment, de­sign and imple­ment the web site and of­ten was also res­pon­sible for get­ting the client’s con­tent up on the site. She would also docu­ment her work and train the client in use and up­keep of the site.